Instant cash rebates on crypto purchases.

Instant cash rebates on cryotocurrency purchases.

About Us

Discounted original cryotocurrency

Buy cryotocurrency in 3 easy steps and get an instant cash rebate:

1. Buy on an exchange or a paper two-key certificate from us.

2. Pay the crypto price posted online at the time of purchase.

3. Get a cash rebate at our posted percentage discount, minus any third-party fees, by PayPal or bank wire from our bank to yours.

How You’re Protected

You will receive:

1. a contract for purchase.

2. shares of stock in the company equal to the amount of the purchase after the rebate.

3. a notarized certificate of ownership bearing the token code.

Why Us?

Our sales are authorized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, in consideration for the purchase of our common/voting shares of stock.


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Instant cash rebates

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